The 2020 Lockdown Award

In addition, the judges have decided to make a special award to reflect the difficult circumstances our filmmakers have faced, bringing their films to the screen during this terrible year.

The LOCKDOWN AWARD goes to a film that depicts the mental strain so many people have been under in recent months.

So Tired
Lauren Harper, Fionna Gough, UK
Category: Narrative/Drama

Director Biography – Lauren Harper, Fionna Gough

Lauren Harper is an English Language and Creative writing graduate with a passion for film and writing. She also works as a Content Producer for the Metropolitan Police. Her main topics of focus in film and writing include mental health advocacy, LGBT rights and feminism.

Director Statement

Many people have heard of ‘OCD’ and assume it consists of excessively washing hands, being tidy or displaying obvious ritualistic behaviours. I wanted to offer a realistic viewpoint of what an everyday OCD sufferer might feel, especially in terms of obsessing over their thoughts, actions and worries, and highlight the constant battle they have with their own thoughts everyday. This also highlights some of the mental health battles that people will have felt during the COVID-19 lockdown.