EFF Roadshow @ The Perivale Hive

July 1st 2023

and the winners are…

Andrew Sumner announces the WINNERS


Desk Defender

Animation, Student | Sebastian Soler | United States | 11mins

Fun, charming, well-thought-through and technically proficient feel-good stop-motion riff on sci-fi action and contemporary desk collectable culture.

I loved the way this incorporated so many familiar action movie tropes and the twist at the end was really great. 


Dispensary of Death

Comedy | Simon O’Neill | Ireland | 14mins

the acting, script, direction, editing (comic timing in particular) and effects work were all of a very high standard. 

the script on “Dispensary of Death” is really strong, the actors and setting are top notch, costumes and colouring of the clips are great and it has been kept fairly brief. It may be more simple in terms of production compared to other films but it works as a short and as a package.


Ukraine’s Soul – A Tribute to Heroes

Documentary | Marcelle Abela | Malta | 13mins

This was an inspiring use of home shot video showing human perseverance to keep sone kind of normal in the utter chaos of life, the film comes to a crescendo of complete human compassion as violinists across the globe play together along side those in Ukraine.


SEE ME: A Walk Through London’s Gay Soho in 1994 and 2020

Experimental | Lee Campbell | UK | 7mins

It is a true collage of sound and image, with an abstract continuity of the cassette/eyes. Although a personal history it is also a social one, but treated in an inventive and multi-layered technique.

Green Planet

2 Winners: HELP and Saved By Jane

Green Planet | Lesley Manning | UK | 2mins

Saved By Jane
Green Planet | Damian Sciberras | Malta | 6mins



Horror/Suspense | A. D. Cooper | UK | 3mins

Beautifully simple, delivering everything you want from a horror short in just three minutes: interesting characters, a sense of tension, a comment on creepy male behaviour, a clever, nicely set up rug pull and a killer line of dialogue. Both performances very good too.

Music Video


Music Video, Student | Sebastian Selg | Germany | 4mins

The Blade Runner, science fiction look of the clip looks highly professional and involves skills that would surely be in demand by any of the major gaming developers. The perspective, movement and detail of the clip synch with perfection together with the music which is the key criteria for selection in the music video clip category.

The storyline and plot is clear, imaginative and chilling. The highlight is the gig scene towards the end of the clip featuring the main character who has signed up to a cryogenic service, albeit a little too soon for her age. The musical crescendo combined with the outer body emergence of the subjects brain receptors indicate that this particular cryogenic future may not be the way to go.

Narrative Drama

Press Key 5

Narrative Short | Lipa Hussain | UK | 10mins

Very truthful performances on a very sensitive subject matter


Can’t Go Home Again

Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Anthony J. Cook | UK | 11mins

Nice concept, well-played, tautly directed, stripped-down production design that serves the narrative (wonderful use of the Thames Barrier) and an excellent standout lead performance from Victoria Smith that sells the whole thing.

Honourable Mention: Solus

Extremely well made and beautifully assembled by Jonathan Brooks and his team from the NASA Public Domain archive. Slick and ingenious.


All my life (Całe moje życie)

Best of the Festival


Homegrown | Jane Ashmore | UK | 19mins

very well made, beautifully played by Jules Robertson and Gemma Harvey with great use of Mike Skinner’s music