People’s Choice Award 2021

…and the winner is

Mia El Chaar – Director & Writer
Riti Dhawan – Producer
Camille Koefoed – Key Cast -“Sofia Le Claire”
George Kreitem – Key Cast -“Angel”
Pauline Kokla – DoP
Sanna Barsk Johansson – Editor

Massive congratulations to filmmaker Mia El Chaar on your amazing film! And the audience obviously felt the same way.


‘Breach’ is a story about Sofia, a deceased young girl who enters the reception room for the dead. She is met with Angel who agonises at the idea of doing his own job. He must process her file and send her to a new destination. However, a breach appears in the system which leaves the characters wondering, was this truly Sofia’s time or will Angel have to send her back?

Here is how The People’s Choice Award works

People vote online for their favourite film from our our selections of submitted films for the years festival.

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Rules 2021
Voting in 2021 opened on Thursday December 9 at 12.01am GMT.
And closed at 12pm on December 23, 2021 GMT.
There was only one vote per email address and we validate each one.

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