Ealing has long been a byword for memorable filmmaking. The studios have a proud place in the history of British cinema and the town is now home to top class film schools, providing a new generation of talent. However, like many other creative industries, this year has been one of the most difficult on record and a most worrying time for independents.

In response Ealing Film Festival has teamed with the established Classic Cinema Club-Ealing to offer a platform showcasing a wealth of diverse creativity; scriptwriters, directors, editors, actors and many others involved in the process. We applaud all Filmmakers who have battled on despite the current situation.

Ealing Film Festival wants to be an integral part of our vibrant community.
We want to take the magic of film and filmmaking out into the community. We believe people are desperate to move beyond the restrictions of the past year and a half. We intend to host screenings of our winning films across the borough as soon as possible. But a key part of our plan is also to enable people to make their own films. Anyone with a smartphone has the technology to make a film. We will provide free workshops and training sessions for new filmmakers and a platform for their films to be seen by others and especially in our local community.

The 2021 Ealing Film Festival showcased a range of new Short films that were produced from 2018 -2021. We looked for original stories, great directors and cinematography and  fabulous performances. A range of different genre categories allowed filmmakers to submit their work and there was a large variety of submissions and prizes for the winners.

Our ‘real’ live event took place in Ealing December on 4th and 5th.

We will continue to concurrently hold events online and develop ourselves into a lovely hybrid festival. Best of both worlds.
Go to our YouTube channel to see films from last year and this.