EFF 2022 Schedule

Note the films listed below are not in the order of screening.

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Student Night: Weds 23 November

7pm-10pm at The Moon & Maybe
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A chance to meet Oscar-Winning Film Producer Rebecca Harris, a former student at the University of West London. Harris is not only one of our judges but won an Oscar for her film The Silent Child at the 90th Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short Film, which we will be screening. She will be answering questions about her filmmaking career. Then we will be screening a selection of films from this year’s student category.

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Rebecca Harris Q&A
Read more about Rebecca here.
The Silent Child
UK | dir. Chris Overton | 20mins
Almost Christmas
Animation, Student | Xinyuan Zhao | United States | 4mins
Bluff Cove
Narrative Short | Jack Catterall | UK | 12mins
Burns Night
Student | Dennis Blass | UK | 16mins
Chocolate Tronchetto
Student | Nicole Favarelli | UK | 11mins
Dispatched Dream
Student | Aziz Altamimi | UK | 9mins
Gloves Up
Student | Baillie Braund | UK | 16mins
Life Before Life
Narrative Short | Mark Kozlowski | UK | 8mins
Student | Joke Duwaerts | Belgium | 6mins
The Author (O Autor)
Animation, Student | Luiz Máximo | Brazil | 3mins

Horror Night: Thursday 24 November

7pm-10pm at The Ealing Project

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It’s Fright Night! We are looking at how this popular film genre has changed over the years. It’s an opportunity to meet Madeline Smith, a star of the Hammer Horror films of the 1970s, and Mark Kenna and David Creed from Bad Blood Films, a new British film company specialising in horror. We will also be showing some of the films entered for this year’s festival.

Madeline Smith Q&A
Bad Blood Films Q&A
86 CHX: The Rite of Restock
Student | Sean McSweyn | UK | 10mins
A Killer Outside
Horror/Suspense | Joe Zalias | UK | 8mins
Chapel of Rest
Horror/Suspense | Iain Cash | UK | 14mins
Dark Room (Pimeä Huone)
Experimental | Juha Antero Lilja | Finland | 4mins
Fresh Hell Is This
Student | Bernard Visser | UK | 11mins
Narrative Short, Horror/Suspense | Mike Waugh | UK | 14mins
Horror/Suspense | A. D. Cooper | UK | 3mins
Horror/Suspense | Brandon L. Pennick | United States | 18mins
Strange Waters
Horror/Suspense | Andy McLeod | UK | 16mins

Pitzhanger Manor: Friday 25 November

10am-5pm at Pitzhanger Manor

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A Moveable Feast
Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Student | Yixue Wang | China | 3mins
again and again …
Experimental | Lutz P. Kayser | Germany | 1min
Fri 25 Pitzhanger Manor | Online
Almost Christmas
Animation, Student | Xinyuan Zhao | United States | 4mins
Changing Skin
Experimental | Maxime Coton | Belgium | 6mins
Animation, Student | Hui Tan | United States | 8mins
Scape Learning
Experimental | Hiroshi Atobe | Japan | 1min
Secret Santa
Animation | Lynn Kristmanson | Canada | 10mins
Shakespeare For All Ages
Animation | Hannes Rall | Germany | 3mins
The Parable of the Leaf Blower
Experimental | Rachel Ara | Jersey | 11mins
Narrative Short | Joel Penner, Anna Sigrithur | Canada | 19mins

Imagined Worlds: Saturday 26 November

1pm-4pm at The Ealing Project

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To boldly go! The imagination of filmmakers knows no limits. Science fiction and fantasy movies take us out of our everyday lives. To different times, different places… different planets. Join us on an amazing journey to new worlds. Featuring a live interview with writer and producer Ron Fogelman.

Ron Fogelman Q&A
402 (Road To The Riches)
Animation, Music Video | Ishma Yusaf Vaelnti I | United States | 3mins
A Moveable Feast
Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Student | Yixue Wang | China | 3mins
Animation | David Lopez Ramirez | Colombia | 4mins
Can’t Go Home Again
Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Anthony J. Cook | UK | 11mins
China in a Box
Music Video | Jane Gull | UK | 4mins
Dana Gavanski – I kiss the night
Music Video | Gaia Alari | Italy | 3mins
Desk Defender
Animation, Student | Sebastian Soler | United States | 11mins
Narrative Short | Kevin Ó Flatharta | Ireland | 10mins
Music Video, Student | Sebastian Selg | Germany | 4mins
Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Jonathan Brooks | UK | 13mins
Sci-Fi/Fantasy | James Hughes | UK | 6mins
Animation | Arthur Chays | France | 3mins
The Interrogation
Animation | Marisa Cohen, Peter Issac Alexander | United States | 6mins
The Sands of Time
Sci-Fi/Fantasy | James Hughes | UK | 14mins
The Star Who Fell To Earth
Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Alessandro Magnabosco | UK | 15mins
The Wait
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Student | Victor Nauwynck | UK | 17mins

Real Worlds: Saturday 26 November

7pm-10pm at The Ealing Project

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All human life is here. Documentaries record the experiences of ordinary people with extraordinary stories. These films explore our society, warts and all. They inform us, they disturb us, and they inspire us. This screening includes environmental and smartphone films.

A Brief Inquiry
Documentary | Efrat Kashai | United States | 7mins
Backbone of the Urals (Хребет Урала)
Smartphone | Mark Krivoshein | Russian Federation | 5mins
Bradford in The Frame
Documentary | Dave Marshall | UK | 11mins
Bright Like The Sun
Experimental, Documentary | Thida Nathalie | UK | 7mins
Good Evening, We’re From Ukraine (Buonasera, siamo dall’Ucraina)
Documentary | Sergei Antonov | Italy | 8mins
I Want to Breathe Sweet Air
Green Planet | Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran | United States | 11mins
Last Time We Play Hooky (Escuela de Corte)
Narrative Short | Richard Allen | United States | 12mins
Malpelo: Mountain of Sharks
Documentary | Kevin Mannens | United States | 15mins
Marsh Clouds: The Oysters of Harris Neck.
Documentary | Kevin Mannens | United States | 14mins
Never Ask Why
Documentary | Saurabh Dubey | India | 19 mins
Rachel’s Law
Documentary | Cameron Ilan | United States | 14mins
Shaking a Singapore Spear
Documentary | Hannes Rall | Germany | 17mins
The Unseen
Smartphone | Tom Major | UK | 3mins
Ukraine’s Soul – A Tribute to Heroes
Documentary | Marcelle Abela | Malta | 13mins

Comedy & Drama: Sunday 27 November

1pm-4pm at The Ealing Project

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You can’t have a film festival in Ealing without plenty of laughs. We hope our comedy and drama selections will continue the proud tradition begun by the famous film studios that bear the name of our town.

A High Price for Ginger Beer
Homegrown | Olivia Maiden | UK | 15mins
All my life (Całe moje życie)
Student | Jędrzej Gorski | Poland | 18mins
At Home with… @TheTimTwenty
Comedy | Paul Longley, James Longley | UK | 10mins
Narrative Short | Roxanne Cavanagh | UK | 10mins
Student | Jack Haynes | UK | 18mins
Sliced Bread
Comedy | Gulliver Moore | UK | 3mins
The Debater
Comedy, Student | Maya Miller | United States | 4mins
The Electricity In Me
Narrative Short, Student | Mat Sheldon | UK | 10mins
The Secret Life of Astrid North
Narrative Short | Ray Jacobs | UK | 10mins
The Way Back
Homegrown, Student | Alina Bichieva | UK | 18mins
Two Stars Short
Comedy | Zak Klein | UK | 11mins
Narrative Short | Cole Paviour | UK | 8mins
When the Rain Sets In
Narrative Short | James Hughes | UK | 17mins
Working Blue
Narrative Short | Henry Hopkin | UK | 11mins

Drama & Awards: Sunday 27 November

7pm-10pm at The Ealing Project

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All life is drama. Our films explore the rich tapestry of human existence. At the heart of each one is a personal story that pulls at the emotions. And finally, there may be more tears as we announce the 2022 award winners! We have added a great local band to the afterparty at 9.45. Ealing Project will be open for drinks and dancing until 11pm.

Dispensary of Death
Comedy | Simon O’Neill | Ireland | 14mins
Fish Out of Water
Narrative Short | Jacob Melling | UK | 7mins
Forget Me Knot
Narrative Short | Polly Coombes | UK | 13mins
Student | Poppy Sutch | UK | 13mins
Green Planet | Lesley Manning | UK | 2mins
Just Like Water (Σαν Το Νερό)
Narrative Short | Manos Triantafillakis | Greece | 13mins
L’amour Rebelle
Animation | Leo Crane | UK | 4mins
Homegrown | Jane Ashmore | UK | 19mins
Press Key 5
Narrative Short | Lipa Hussain | UK | 10mins
SEE ME: A Walk Through London’s Gay Soho in 1994 and 2020
Experimental | Lee Campbell | UK | 7mins
Narrative Short | Cara Bamford | UK | 10mins
Tourettes & I
Narrative Short | Jack RH O’Sullivan | UK | 19mins
Wall of Sound
Narrative Short, Student | Kane Wilson | UK | 18mins


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